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Nambour Village News

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About Nambour Village News


Owner: Danielle

Newsagent with Gifts and a wide range of printer cartridges

Business History ; Nambour Mill Newsagent has a proud history in Nambour with Danielle's parents originally starting the business over 28 years ago.

With a typical day at Nambour Mill Village Newsagency, Danielle loves creating eye catching displays for her store. Recently her in store displays help win her a $300 coffee machine , which was donated back to the store for one of her many customer competitions. Danielle loves to support her loyal customer base with regular competitions. Danielle is hoping to one day win the "Queensland Newsagency of the Year".

As a token of the popularity of this Newsagent , Danielle regularly receives flowers and gifts from customers who show their appreciation for the service she provides.

When next shopping at Nambour Mill Village, make sure you say hello to Danielle when your next buying your lotto tickets, cards, gifts and newspapers.

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